AMO Spreadsheet

When you input your school's current EOG proficiencies and class enrollment, this spreadsheet will calculate the proficiencies needed to reach the bar or achieve safe harbor. It will also calculate the number of students who need to be proficient for your class to reach the bar or achieve safe harbor. There are three worksheets in this workbook: one for calculating proficiencies and numbers for your entire school, one for calculating your grade level's proficiencies and numbers, and one for calculating the information for your individual class. Since making AMOs is an all or nothing model, you should always use your individual spreadsheet in conjunction with your school's and grade level's spreadsheets.
Elementary School AMO Worksheet

5th & 8th Grade AMO Spreadsheet with Science

High School AMO Spreadsheet

North Carolina - AMO Targets

AMO Graph- demonstration.JPG

Data for Demonstration Purposes

Demo data can be found under the AMO link on the Data Resources for Schools wiki.

Class Roster - Identifying Subgroups

You can use this spreadsheet to identify your class subgroups. It also provides a place to enter a student's EOG scores. Sorting and filtering this spreadsheet will allow you to target students in particular subgroups who may need interventions to be successful in your school's efforts to make AYP.

This is a sample file so you can demonstrate how to filter the spreadsheet to focus on specific subgroups once the teacher fills in his/her information.