How to Perform EVAAS Admin Functions

EVAAS Value-Added and Diagnostic Report Analysis

This document is designed to take you on a step-by-step tour of your school's EVAAS data by asking you questions along the way.

This document is designed to help teachers analyze their students to assist with instructional planning.

This document is designed to assist administrators with conversations re: Individual Teacher Effectiveness Reports

EVAAS Projection Report Analysis

You can create EVAAS projection reports or you can access the Projection Reports in your secure "Testing Folder" that have been shared by the KCS Accountability Department.
Use the Districution of Scale Scores below to correlate projected percentiles with achievement levels.

Use the following questions as a guide. In general, are all students who show a need for intervention receiving support?
  • Which of our students are not projected to pass the EOG or EOC?
  • Which students show less that a 70% probability of proficiency?
  • Are students with a greater that 70 % probability of proficiency receiving enrichment to ensure growth?
  • Do other data points point to similar concerns?
  • If so, what strategies and/or interventions are in place to support these students' needs?
  • Which of these students are not already receiving interventions? What interventions and strategies could be provided to support their learning and instructional needs?

EVAAS Help Documents

We suggest you rely on the "Help > About This Page" documentation within the EVAAS program. It is well-written and easy to understand. That's how we learned a lot of what we know about EVAAS.

The EVAAS log-in screen is at This screen also contains links to the on-line training sessions, which are excellent.

EVAAS Glossary

NCE's and Standard Error

Data for Demonstration Purposes

Demo data can be found under the EVAAS link on the Data Resources for Schools wiki.


Teacher Evaluation Dashboard Video

EVAAS Roster Verification 2014-15

- Roster Verification Quick Start Guide for Administrators
- Roster Verification FAQ
- CTE Course List for Roster Verification
- Dates for Student Enrollment Updates
- What's New in Roster Verification

Video with step-by-step instructions for teachers and administrators about completing EVAAS Roster Verification